Josh STITCH Wells and DRONE COLD Kyle Rieck came together to expand there love for this hobby. They wanted to bring high quality parts and services to there area and the rest of the world. Drone Cold is a semi pro wake boarder and professional long boarder. Thats right! Pro long boarder, they exist. At least around here. He has been flying commercially for several years now. But, before that he has had a successful DJI repair shop for over two years and dabbled in Hydro dipping and 3D Printing to Pimp out his gear.

Josh STITCH Wells grew up with just as much adrenaline in his blood. He raced BMX and Motocross since he was just a tiny little sh*@. He also is a Professional long boarder!! You can look it up, you might find something maybe. Flying FPVRacing and Freestyle is just a natural fit for the two. There isn't much else better out there! Plus there getting older now and get hurt much much easier. So, standing or sitting in a chair is much safer than there other sports.

Ultimately, they just want to provide the community with the same great stuff that they love so so much. If your new to the hobby and have any questions regarding any of the many ways to get confused when trying to climb into this hobby. Feel free to email They are more than happy to help you out in any way they can. It can be a bit discouraging in the beginning to figure out some of the electronic quirks and million different parts. It definitely takes a minute to figure out what components and frames are worth buying. You may end up spending more money than you intended because you bought the wrong stuff. Then it crapped out on you right away! Buy the right stuff the first time and you will fall in love just as much as STITCH and DRONE COLD Kyle.