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The Beta65S frame with 65mm wheelbase distance and 7x16mm motor holder is made of the same material as the stock Inductrix,which is lighter and more durable. It works with the Inductrix FC, the Inductrix FPV FC, the Inductrix FPV Pro FC, and all Betaflight Whoop style FCs. The biggesst advantage is using the most powerfull 7x16mm motors with up to17500KV value, 56000RPM / 3.2V which can give this quad more power and more flight time than your regular 6mm Whoop.Use this as a spare frame for your Eachine E011 drone, or to DIY your own Tiny Whoop drone with 7x16mm motors. 

Beta65S Frame 
Frame base: 65mm wheelbase distance 
Frame motor holder: 7x16mm coreless motors 
Frame Color: Transparent white 
Propeller: 3-blades 31mm props 
7x16mm 17500KV 
Size: 7x16mm 
Height: 16mm 
Cable length: 60mm 
Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm 
Weight: 2.9g (including cables and connector) 
Speed: 17500kv or 56000RPM / 3.2V 
Connector: JST 1.25mm 2P connector 
Note:This is a 7x16mm motor, it does not fit the regular Whoop frames! Only BETAFPV Beta65S frame and Eachine E011 frame fit for these motors for the moment. 

1 * Beta65S 65mm frame 
1 * Foam insert adapter 
4 * BETAFPV 3-blade 31mm propeller 
4 * 7x16mm 17500KV motors (2CW +2CCW)

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