An Amazing new App for the Community!

Hey everyone, we wanted to share an amazing new app that was recently released. Are you just sitting around and wish you had someone to fly with? Well, Angel Torres has made that possible for us! No more wishing you knew where people were flying and hanging out at or where the next BIG race is. It also will help you find parts that you need to replace before the race.

DROPAQUAD is a tool designed for those seeking/hosting private or public competitive drone events. This app will enable any individual to connect to a vast public and private community of racing drones pilots near their location by using the GPS on their phone. It aims to become the go-to app for pilots and enthusiasts looking for the latest news, parts, gear and events in this community. to get the app go to

Be sure to download the app now so you can get out in the community and meet and make new friends to fly with!!